ALSA CLCC is an ALSA National Chapter Indonesia work program organized by each local chapter. ALSA CLCC implemented to realize the two pillars of ALSA is socially responsible and legally skilled that can be done in the form of a series of events.


In it there is a socialization or campaign action as a reflection of socially responsible and legal counseling, seminars, workshops as a reflection of the legally skilled which is held in accordance with the creativity of each Local Chapter in the implementation of ALSA CLCC.

This year, the theme chosen is "Public Health Access". Health is an essential requirement of every human being. Therefore, this is a right that must be protected by law.


Rights that are basically regulated in Article 5 Indonesian Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health to gain access to resources in the health sector. This legal relationship can be in the form of rights and responsibility of health access providers and health access recipients.. With the theme chosen for ALSA CLCC 2019 is expected to increase the awareness of ALSA Indonesia members of health that focuses on improving access to health that is still lacking in the community.


Care & Legal Coaching Clinic

2019 Theme

Public Health Access

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Universitas Udayana                                        24 & 26 October 2019                        

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ALSA CLCC Local Chapter Universitas Udayana 2019 activity was held for two days, namely on October 24, 2019 and October 26, 2019, with the following series of event:

1. ALSA Care is held for one day, October 24, 2018, with the following events:

ALSA LC Universitas Udayana visits to Saraswati 1 Denpasar High School and SMAN 2 Denpasar, the activities carried out there will be socialized by the Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN).

2. ALSA Legal Coaching Clinic is held for one day, on October 26, 2019, using advocacy methods. Students who have been provided with materials as designed by bringing a number of questions to advocate to the community or institutions related to the existing theme. This activity is carried out with a series of events as follows:

Normative Study and Advocacy

Psychological issues related to students raised empirical studies and advocacy is a series of ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic (CLCC) events, where this advocacy conducts research on BPJS service problems that occur and also looks at how the community responds to this and provides counseling about the Law (Law Number 24 of 2011) concerning the Social Security Organizing Agency in an effort to foster public understanding of the law.


The empirical study intended in this case can be seen in the implementation process, namely by using direct visits to local hospitals and health facilities, giving questionnaires to the public, and also conducting interviews with agencies related to the LCC theme. The results of the advocacy will be brought and discussed in the Talkshow later.


Universitas Gadjah Mada                                28 - 29 October 2017                        

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ALSA Local Chapter UGM has held ALSA CARE X Legal Coaching Clinic (CLCC) 2017 with theme "Equality in The Eyes of Law Through Self Expression". This event was held on 28- 29 October 2017 to give opportunity to people with disabilities to voice lamented in the packaging of art to aspirations that will be heard by the public, as well as representatives from various agencies in Yogyakarta such as Spatial Planning, Health and Social Services. This event was greeted with a very good impression, because it is a reflection of an inclusive democracy and provides an opportunity for the Difabel to voice their complaints.

The event aims to generate public awareness of the disability and to provide a clear picture of their rights that are still not fully accommodated in Indonesia. In the year 2016 and then, their rights have been set in Law No. 8/2016 About Disability, but the reality is still a lot of things that have not been realized well in aspects of facilities, opportunities to their position on life. Therefore, the role of CLCC is to hear the voices of related parties and also to give ideas of solutions that can be useful later. The event will also be divided into several series, namely Stage Expression, Legal Counseling in the form of Café Discussion, Forum Aspiration along with the Jogja Social Service and closed by Bioskop Bisik open for public.


Universitas Sriwijaya                                       3-4, 11 November 2017                        

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Care & Legal Coaching Clinic ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya Themed "Equality for Disabillities" Conducted for 3 days (pre-event 3-4 & main event November 11, 2017) On November 3rd, 2017 CLCC was held at Bina Daksa Social Institution "Budi Perkasa" where we performed morning exercises together and provided material in the form of Self Development. In this case, we work with Psychology Students to educate and motivate the friends of persons with disabilities who are there. In addition, we jointly signed the Petition as our form of advocacy in the fight for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the field of education.

On November 4, 2017 CLCC was held at Pedestrian Sudirman with Flashmob, musical performance of poems from PwDs and also advocating the community by signing petitions, distributing posters, and educating them about Law no. 8 of 2016 on persons with disabilities. On November 11, 2017 which is the main event of CLCC held at Graha Bina Praja Building. We held a public discussion beginning with the giving of materials by the stakeholders present. And followed by a public discussion attended by 20 communities in the city of Palembang. Here we all bring together the vision and mission to achieve the rights of PwDs in order to realize equality for PwDs especially in education. ALSA, Always be One!

Universitas Brawijaya                                      23, 26 November 2017                        

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ALSA LC UB has held ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic on 23rd - 26th November 2017 with the theme "Ability in Disability: The Importance between Goals and Dreams)". The theme of this event is inspired by a child with disabilities who has goals to hold an event relating his concern to child with disabilities but be hindered because of his disability, after hearing the news we try to advocate his dream by becoming the Project Officer of this year ALSA UB CLCC. This event aims to raise public awareness of the disability especially on the equal rights to obtain a job for people with disabilities which already exist in Law No. 8/ 2016 about disabilty By doing advocacy that are, held a talkshow on 23rd November 2017

with the speakers, such as Mrs. Ari Pratiwi , S.Ps.,M.psi (Representative from Center for Disability Studies and Services UB), Mrs. Ratih Dheviana Puru HT , S.H.,LLM (Labor lecturer FHUB ), Bripka Sanda Prasetya (Police who concern with disabilities), Ms. Eka Wulandari ( Representative from Ganesha Difabel Indonesia), Mr. Iwan kuswardi , S.H ( Chief of DPC Peradi Malang Raya) and build facility for disable such as ramp in public area. And also this event aims to encourage and motivate people with disabilities that their disability is not an obstacle to achieving their dreams by inviting speakers with disabilites to motivate them such as Dani Aditya (stand up comedian with disabilites), Amanatullah (painter with disabilities) and barata (one of the most outstanding student in Law Faculty of Brawijaya University with disabilities) on 26th November 2017.


Universitas AIrlangga                                     4-5 November 2017                        

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ALSA LC Unair has completed the CLCC program. This program aims to increase awareness of public health in Indonesia, students from the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University who are also members of ALSA LC UNAIR held a Social Activity held in Maspati Lawas Village, Surabaya. Where in this social activity is divided into two events, namely a free medical checkup for the elderly consisting of blood pressure and blood sugar checks, as well as providing an understanding of general health. In this program we collaborate with the CIMSA Organization of the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University. We also collaborate with friends from the BEM Community Service Faculty of Dentistry, Airlangga University to conduct dental examinations and provide education about teeth for children in Maspati Lawas Village, Surabaya.

The social activity which was divided into two events was held free of charge for the residents of the Maspati Lawas Village as a form of "Care" which is the realization of one of ALSA's pillars of being socially responsible. On the previous day a Public Discussion with the theme "Realization of Government Policy in Health Services for the Community", which was open to the public and free. In the Public Discussion activity, we collaborated with several speakers namely Airlangga University Faculty of Law Lecturer, Dr. Lilik Pudjiastuti, S.H., M.H., the doctor of Unair Hospital Surabaya, Mr. Muhammad Ardian Cahya Laksana Dr., .sp, .OG, M.Kes, and Lecturer in the Faculty of Public Health, Airlangga University, Mr. Dr. Djazuly Chalidiyanto, S.K.M ,. MARS. This Public Discussion activity which is a series of events from ALSA CLCC is a form of "Legal Coaching Clinic" which is the realization of one of ALSA's pillars, namely expertise in the field of law (legally skilled).


Universitas Indonesia                                      7 & 9 November 2019                        

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ALSA LC UI has finished the CLCC work program. This work program has been implemented in three places, namely, the Car Free Day ("CFD") Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia (FH UI), and Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space Kemang, South Jakarta.

The series of pre-events carried out aimed to increase public awareness about the importance of awareness of mental illness.

The Opening Ceremony itself was held on Thursday, November 7, 2019. The opening ceremony agenda was filled with remarks, short film displays about an ODGJ's journey in his daily life, reading the expression of What I Wish They Knew, talk shows discussing the importance of mental health and efforts to handle it in daily life. ALSA CLCC 2019 collaborates with the 2019 BEM Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia , the PSYHOPE institution which is a platform formed by the BEM Faculty of Psychology for the general public to be able to talk about their mental health, with Muthia Husna as PSYHOPE Project Officer as a speaker.

C.A.L.M. is a series of ALSA CLCC 2019 activities held on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space Kemang, South Jakarta. The series of events is also held in conjunction with a series of activities H.O.M.E. (Healing, Optimistic, Meditative, Encouraging) main focus in the C.A.L.M. event. is to change the ODGJ paradigm regarding ODGJ quality when returning to the community. Therefore, in this series of activities, ALSA CLCC 2019 will provide legal seminars related to ODGJ rights in accordance with Law Number 18 of 2014 concerning Mental Health, which aims to enable participants to receive material exposure regarding ODGJ rights related access to health services and access to employment.

H.O.M.E. (Healing. Optimistic. Meditative. Encouraging.) Is a series of ALSA CLCC 2019 events. The target audience for this event are those who suffer from Schizophrenia or commonly referred to as People with Schizophrenia (ODS). The series of events began with an inspirational talk show "Deepen Your Understanding on Your Mental Well-Being" which aims to provide motivation and inspiration to participants. Furthermore, the series of events continued with the provision of an understanding of entrepreneurship through the talk show "Entrepreneurship 101" and ended with a Creative Art Session, which aims as a means for creativity and psychological therapy and participants can express themselves through the art of painting in media that has a sale value so that it can bring economic value.


Universitas Syiah Kuala                                   9-10 December 2017                        

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Hello, ALSAians! ALSA LC Unsyiah has conducted ACLCC 2017 in 9th and 10th of December 2017 with the theme "Listen, Understand, and Protect Dyslexia". In day 1, we held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with two speakers. The first one is our Lecturer, mrs. Ida Keumala Jeumpa, S.H., M.H., and the head of ADI (Asosiasi Disleksia Indonesia) Aceh branch, dr. Munadia, Sp., KFR. We held the FGD at our Hall, Law Faculty of Unsyiah.


Many people has participated, such as college students, lecturers, teachers, and also parents. We also held an advocacy to the public in the evening by speaking out in the public transportation (Transkutaraja).


In these public transportation, many has listened to our advocation and are awa re of the problem after we have explained about Dyslexia.


In day 2, we had a children's coloring competition and a "screening test" done by the team of ADI Aceh branch. We held these events at Lapangan Gelanggang Mahasiswa Unsyiah. Many are enthusiastic to join our event! And we hope that ACLCC ALSA LC Unsyiah 2017 will bring many benefit to the people who has participated.


ALSA, Always be One!

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman                      3 & 9 December 2017                        

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ALSA LC Unsoed and Legal Care and Counseling Clinic Faculty of Law, University of Jenderal Soedirman Purwokerto, Central Java held Legal and Entrepreneurship Training Seminar for Purbalingga Disability citizens. There are two activities in the classroom in the AdiGuna Space Room Pemda Purbalingga Pendopo Pendako Dipakusuma Purbalingga complex is a series of activities in the anniversary of International Disability Day.


"Earlier on 3 December 2017 there was a socialization of employment rights for people with disabilities in Purwokerto Square related to our Pre-Event and we were also conducted by CIMSA Medical Faculty of Muhammadiyah University Purwokerto related to free health provided by him, and we are also the stars of SLB B Yakut from Purwokerto as well as the guest star who filled our event and in our show presented various advantages of the children of SLB B Yakut such as poetry reading, gymnastics maumere, pantomime, kenthongan, dance and skill they make we share the results to the public and dated December 9, 2107 held General Discussion or Legal Seminar, also held entrepreneurship training benefits of used newspaper paper. "


The rights of work, entrepreneurship, and cooperatives for Disabled people, he added, are guaranteed by Law No. 8 of 2016 on Persons with Disabilities in article 11. "From that activity, we are also trying to implement the two pillars of Alsa clcc Unsoed action, which is social responsibility or social responsibility and legal skill or knowledge to the community, especially for the disabled."




The General Discussion and Training of Entrepreneurship, which is held together with Yayasan Pilar Purbalingga and Alsa clcc Unsoed, will provide insight into legal and social issues on the scope of the fulfillment of the rights of PwDs, accompanied by applicative solutions. "Then, for entrepreneurial activities, people with disabilities are still facing difficulties, because some of them still do not have enough knowledge, therefore, people with disabilities should have knowledge about entrepreneurship, and here ALSA LC UNSOED tries to give them a little smear through various skills performed.


This activity presents six speakers. That is: 1.Prof. Dr. Tri Lisiani Prihatinah., SH, MA, PhD. As Professor of Civil Law of Unsoed Purwokerto. 2. Tukimin SH, Head of Industrial Relations and Social Security of Manpower Purbalingga. 3 Sri Wahyuni. Chairman of Yayasan Pilar Purbalingga. 4.Drs Imam Sudjono, Head of UKM Purbalingga. 5. Drs.Gunawan as a motivator for the disability, and 6.Member Nandang is from LKP Convection Entrepreneur from Cilacap And the theme of this activity is "equality for humanity" and the event was also attended by various students from Purwokerto Universities such as UMP, Unwiku, and IAIN Purwokerto and invitation attended by various communities around Purbalingga, Central Java.

More info: LINE @: @exv1104b Instagram: @ clcc.alsalcunsoed2017 Twitter: @clccalsalcunsoed Phone: 081323221940 


ALSA, always be one!


Universitas Padjadaran                                   16 December 2017                        

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Hello, good people! ALSA LC Unpad has held ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic on Saturday, December 16th 2017 at Taman Saparua Bandung for ALSA Care and at The Papandayan Hotel for the Legal Coaching Clinic. As we all know, “disability” has been selected to be this year’s theme. So, we raised "Celebration in different abilities, creating an opportunity towards equal identity." as our punchline.


By raising this punchline, we want to tell the message through our event to everyone that we’re equal even though we have different abilities. In ALSA Care which was held at 7 AM – 11 AM, we invited 4 different schools (SLB). We made games for children with special needs while their parents were having tea party time and watching talkshow given by Drs. Rizal Bachrun, M.Psi. (a Psychologist) and Ibu Juju Sukma/Bunda Juju (Pokja Pendidikan Inklusif Kota Bandung).

This talkshow was aimed to encourage parents with disabled child/children that they should not be ashamed of their special-needs child/children, to tell them how to handle their children from a psychological perspective, and to tell them the legal-based perspective about the rights of children with disabilities. After ALSA Care, the next event was ALSA Legal Coaching Clinic, which was held at 4 PM – 10 PM in the same day.

In ALSA Legal Coaching Clinic, we invited Paralympic athletes as our audience and Irma Dwiandari, S.Sos (Kemensos), Dr. Bayu Rahadian, Sp.Kj.,(Kemenpora), Dani Ramdani (Dispora), Ukun Rukaendi (NPCI in West Java Province), and Destri Istiqamah (LBH Bandung) as our speakers.


There are rights which haven’t been achieved and they become the main discussion in our event, such as the Right to Sports (Article 83 Indonesian Law No. 8, 2016), Accessibility Rights (Article 18 Indonesian Law No. 8, 2016), human rights (Indonesian Law No. 39, 1999), and the Right to Welfare and Justice. We hope that our event could become a forum which brings together the government and society with different abilities, regarding the rights of the people that haven’t been achieved. We do care, and you should too! #ALSACLCCUnpad #ALSACLCC2017


ALSA, Always be One!


Universitas Hasanuddin                                   9-10 December 2017                        

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ALSA LC UNHAS has held ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic on 9-10 December 2017 in collaboration with PPDI (Persatuan Penyandang Disabilitas Indonesia) South Sulawesi with “Raise the Sustainable Life By Go Beyond Our (Dis)ability” as its theme. On 9th December we opened the ALSA CLCC with Legal Coaching Clinic that was held in Panti Bina Daksa Makassar and we talked about Optimazation of Disability Services in Supporting the Implementation of Education in University reffering to UU No.8 tahun 2016 and UU No.12 tahun 2012 with Bapak Bambang Parmadi (Head of PPDI South Sulawesi), Bapak Mukhtar Tahir (Head of Social Agency Makassar) and Dr. Romi Librayanto, SH.,MH (Our Lecturer) as speaker. And also followed by discussion forum moderated by Bapak Hamzah representative of PPDI. We ended Legal Coaching Clinic with signing the petition.



On 10th December 2017 we closed the ALSA CLCC with ALSA care that was held in Benteng Fort Rotterdam Makassar, We did a lot of fun activity there with our fellow friends from 6 Disability Community Under PPDI Organization. The activity started with morning exercises followed by delicious breakfast and performance from participants we also had fun games and ofcourse can’t forget about the doorprize, after that we celebrated International Disability Day together as our closing ceremonial. Everyone is Able!



ALSA, Always be One!


Universitas Andalas                                         13 & 17 November 2019                        

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Pada tahun ini, ALSA LC Unand telah melaksanakan program kerja CLCC pada tanggal 13 dan 17 November 2019. Dengan tema yang dipilih adalah “Akses Terhadap Kesehatan, Kesehatan Untuk Generasi Bangsa” yang berfokus pada peningkatan akses yang kesehatan yang masih kurang di masyarakat. Dengan tema yang dipilih untuk ALSA CLCC 2019 ini diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kepedulian member ALSA Indonesia terhadap pentingnya kesehatan.

Untuk narasumber/pemateri pada acara ALSA Legal Coaching Clinic yaitu Bapak Gustafianof, S.H., M.SC, HL selaku Pejabat Pengelolaan Informasi dam Dokumentasi (PPID) dari RSUP M Jamil, Ibu Dra. Sri Siswati, Apt, SH, M.Krs. selaku dosen dari Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Andalas, dan Ibu Asyraf Mursalina dari BPJS Kesehatan Kota Padang.

Universitas Jember                                         6, 12 & 13 October 2019                       

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With the theme "Spread Your Awareness of Health Access for The Protection of Public Life Quality". This event was held with one day pre-event, and two days of ALSA Care and LCC with the program:

Held on October 6, 2019 at Alun-Alun, Jember. With the distribution of questionnaires regarding the implementation of health access with the aim of collecting data from the public about their opinions on the implementation of health access in Jember.



On October 12, 2019, at Panduman Village, Jember, a socialization session was held with the speakers

1. Promulgation of access to health with presenters from the Health Agency for Health Resources.

2. Lecturer at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Jember

3. Socialization from the Public Health Center Jelbuk.

In this activity we also provide vitamins and nutritious snacks, then there is also a health consultation and TTV checking (vital signs) carried out by our partnership CIMSA.

Legal Coaching Clinic

On October 13, 2019, it was hel in the Faculty of Law Universitas Jember Multipurpose Building. We conduct seminars and FGD (Focus Group Discussion) that discuss the actualization of the Act.

Health as a form of equitable access to health with speaker from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Jember and Vice Director of the RSUD Dr. Soebandi. This activity was attended by Law Faculty Students, Medical Faculty Students, Public Health Faculty Students, Nursing Faculty Students, Teacher Training and Education Faculty Students and Social Sciences Faculty Students.

Universitas Sam Ratulangi                               21 & 22 December 2017                        

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Hello, ALSAians! On 21th & 22nd December 2017, ALSA LC UNSRAT has managed to conduct ACLCC 2017 with the theme 'Recognize the Disabilities, Emphasize the Posibilities". The main reason as to why we chose this particular theme was that we wanted people to not revolve around the certain disabilities that Disabled Persons have (hence the discrimination), but rather to pay attention to the things that they are capable of doing in order to support their lives as human beings. This event was held in 2 days;


On the first day, members of ALSA LC UNSRAT paid a visit Sekolah Luar Biasa Permata Hati Manado in which we did several art-related activities with the students (mostly kids with autism) e.g drawing, painting on ALSA members' faces and singing along. We also had the chance to hear the teachers and parents' obstacles as well as experiences in geneeal upon teaching and raising autistic kids.


On the second day, we held a Panel Discussion with the topic 'Eradicating Discrimination Towards Disabled People' which was held at Panti Tuna Netta Bartemeus Manado and attended by ALSA LC UNSRAT's members and the disabled people from Panti Bartemeus. We had representatives of Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Manado (YLBH Manado) and the Board of Panti Bartemeus as the Panelists.

In short, our talks emphasized on the causes, forms and the effects of discrimination toward disabled people. The discussion also stressed on the rights of disabled people based on UU No 8 Tahun 2016 tentang Penyandang Disabilitas.

During the Q&A session, the participants including our friends from Panti Bartemeus actively participated by asking critical questions as well as conveying their thoughts and complaints regarding the discrimination and social stigma that has been wrongly attached to disabled persons for so long.

Through ACLCC, we hope that we as ALSA members have gained a profound understanding about disabled people and how we actually can also contribute in eradicating discrimination toward them by advocating about the aforementioned issues.

ALSA, Always be One!

Universitas Diponegoro                                  13 October 2019 & 2 November 2019                        

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On 13 October 2019 and 2 November 2019 ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Diponegoro had completed the series of ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic activities.


In this activity, ALSA LC UNDIP in the theme "Ease of Access for Healthier Life" focused on the easy access to health that should be obtained by the community at large. This activity is a Pre-Event in collaboration with AMSA (Asian Medical Students' Association of Indonesia) Universitas Diponegoro who at the time of the Pre-Event held a Blood Donation and Medical Check Up, which was supervised by the Indonesian Red Cross.

The ALSA CLCC event itself discussed Public Health Access Security inviting Roemah Difabel Semarang with the aim of sharing experiences and complaints in getting facilities and guarantees. ALSA CLCC also invited Diponegoro University's Faculty of Law academics, Mr. Suhartoyo, S.H., M.H, from the Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS), namely the Head of BPJS Health Membership and Services Division Semarang, Tony Irawan, S.E and Herdin Pardjoangan, S.H, who are Public Lawyers and Head of the YLBHI-LBH Semarang Urban Labor and Urban Division.


Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya

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Malang, Indonesia 65145

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